Boat Race Viewing

On Saturday March 24th, we will be gathering for our annual boat race viewing at the Queen and Beaver Pub! Please note that because of daylight savings time, the boat race times are different than in previous years. The Women’s race will be at 12:30PM Eastern time, and the Men’s race will be at 1:30PM Eastern time. Tickets are not required for this event.

Please note that in our last newsletter, the time was incorrectly listed as 11:30AM for the first race.

First Pub Night of 2018

It’s time to restart the Oxbridge pub nights this coming Tuesday, 30 January, upstairs at the Oxley from 6PM onwards. If you haven’t been before, this is an informal gathering over a glass of whatever you fancy (plus the Oxley has some great food). We hope to see the old and the young as we celebrate a new year together!

W. Kenneth McCarter Memorial Dinner at Massey College

Join us for the sixth annual formal dinner at Massey College in the University of Toronto, henceforth to be called the W. Kenneth McCarter Memorial Dinner. The dinner this year will be held on November 21st starting at 6PM.

The event includes dinner followed with port and coffee and an address by Hugh Segal, Head of Massey College. 

Tickets for this highly anticipated event are now on sale. Please visit the event page for tickets and further information.